Beeswax wraps handcrafted in rural NSW using Australian sourced materials.

Handmade by Samantha Crozier.

All wraps are crafted in rural NSW using 100% cotton material, a special mixture of jojoba oil, food grade beeswax and dammar resin, all sourced within Australia.

Mixed Wraps (3 Pack)
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Rubee's Wraps are 100% reusable, biodegradable & a great plastic free alternative to single use cling wrap making them entirely eco-friendly! These wraps are designed to use again & again to naturally preserve your food while also contibuting to the fight against plastic pollution.

Each mixed pack contains 3 wraps, providing you with flexibility for how you use them.

The wrap sizes are:

- 1 x Small (24cm x 24cm)
- 1 x Medium (34cm x 34cm)
- 1 x Large (44cm x 44cm)

    Mix & Match!

    Simply scroll through the images and select which pattern you would like for each size. Pattern names are in the right bottom corners of the images.

    Only 20 items in stock!

    How to Use

    Rubee’s Wraps are very easy to use! Simply use the heat of your hands to mould the wraps around any bowl/container and even to themselves to seal in the freshness for longer. These wraps are perfect for covering fruits & vegetables, cheeses, bread & baked goods, however not recommended for raw meats, fish, anything hot or liquids.

    Care Instructions

    With proper care, the wraps should last a minimum of 6 months. Wash in cool soapy water, rinse & air dry. Do not expose to heat or the wax will melt off affecting the longevity of the wraps. I personally store my own wraps in my kitchen draws when not in use.


    As all packs are made to order, please allow 7-10 days for manufacturing time. As I live rurally, mail day is only every Monday so please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery from when dispatched.