Reusable Certified Organic Produce Bags - Set of 3

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Easy to load up with goodies and they come with a handy wooden toggle to secure fruit and veg.

These produce bags are the perfect natural way to make shopping more sustainable. You’ll love more than just their looks.

-Three handy sizes to bag up those little beans or grapes and even big bunches of celery or cabbage!

-Strong and durable to handle even the heavier goods like potatoes!

-Highest quality, certified GOTS organic cotton

- Better for you, our farmers and the environment!

-Drawstring with handy toggle to stop escaping goods!

-Lightweight with tare weight labels (Small 19g, Medium 29g, Large 36g)

-Easy to wash and dry ready for the next trip!

These three handy sizes are included in the set:

- 1x Small (20x26cm) Ideal for apples, beans, oranges, spinach, grapes and tomatoes.

- 1x Medium (33x26cm) Ideal for carrots, bananas, broccoli, zucchinis, capsicums and lettuce.

- 1x Large (43x26cm) Ideal for big leafy greens like celery, leaks and spring onions.